Badroulbadour (also Anglicized Buddir-al-Buddoor, meaning "full moon of full moons") is a princess of China whom Aladdin married.  The full moon is a frequent metaphor for feminine beauty in the Arabian Nights

Aladdin fell in love with her when he saw her on her way to the public baths; however, she was engaged to the son of the royal VIzier. On their wedding night, Aladdin had her brought to his house. As a result, she and her husband asked for a divorce, and she later married Aladdin. The magician tricked her into giving him the lamp containing the genie, and kidnapped her. Aladdin tracked her down and the two worked together to drug and kill the magician. Later, the magician's brother gained her trust while dressed as the holy woman Fatimah. She was shocked when Aladdin killed her "friend," but he quickly explaind the truth.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Disney film, her name is Jasmine.
  • In one "fairy opera", her name was Nourmahal.