This story is told by Dandan the Vizier.

King Sulayman Shah of the Green Land and the Mountains of Isfahan arranges to marry the daughter of King Zahr Shah of the White Land, he sends his vizier to the king and the marriage is arranged. Their son, Taj al-Muluk, is intelligent and well-read as a young man. At eighteen years of age, while hunting, he meets some merchants. One merchant, a young man, is reluctant to show his wares, but upon Taj al-Muluk's insistance shows him a piece of linen depicting gazelles. The young man, Aziz, tells the story of the linen.

Aziz mentions that the woman who made the linen is the stunningly beautiful Princess Dunya of the Camphor Islands. Taj al-Muluk immediately falls in love with her, and his father sends a delegation there to ask for her hand. The princess, however, dislikes men and will not hear of it, even threatening to kill any potential husbands if she's forced to marry. Taj al-Muluk, Aziz, and the royal vizier go to the Camphor Islands and set up a shop. One day an old woman comes to the bazaar to buy fabric for the princess, and Taj al-Muluk gives her the fabric as a gift, as well as a letter for Dunya. He and the princess exchange letters, but she will not change her mind. The old woman explains that Dunya once had a dream of a female pigeon who was abandoned to a fowler's net by her mate, and the princess concluded that she could never trust men.

Taj al-Muluk and the vizier find out about a garden where the princess regularly walks, and have a painter create a picture in a pavilion, of a female pigeon in a net and a male pigeon being captured by a kite. Upon seeing it, Dunya concludes that she misinterpreted her dream, and upon next meeting Taj al-Muluk, falls in love with him.

Taj al-Muluk and Dunya consummate their love and then, disguised as a woman, he remains in the women's quarters. The vizier goes home and tells the king to send troops to rescue his son. Taj al-Muluk reveals his identity to Dunya, but they are caught by a eunuch and taken before the king for judgment. However, upon the point of Taj al-Muluk's execution, his father's vizier comes to rescue him, and the marriage is arranged.

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