800px-Sinbad the Sailor (5th Voyage)

Sinbad goes on another voyage. This time the crew finds a Rukh's egg and breaks it open to eat the flesh, but are attacked by the parents. The adult rukhs drop a rock on the ship and sink it. Sinbad swims to shore on an island, where he meets a silent old man. When Sinbad agrees to pick him up on his back, the old man grabs onto Sinbad's neck and won't let go, until Sinbad gets him drunk and kills him.

A ship picks Sinbad up. The crew explains that the old man was the Shaykh al-Bahr, Old Man of the Sea. They take Sinbad to the City of the Apes, where people must go out in boats at night to avoid the army of apes that always comes in and eats their food. SInbad is told to collect pebbles to throw at the apes; the apes throw back fruit which people collect. Sinbad collects many cocao-nuts, leaves on a ship, and trades his nuts for spices and pearls. He returns to Baghdad and gives alms and clothes to the poor.

After a feast, Sinbad the Landsman receives a hundred dinars and is told to come back the next day.

Trivia Edit

  • Eating the flesh of a Rukh's egg was said to grant eternal youth.

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